My Water

8 glasses of water a day is
the basis of good nutrition.

«My Water» will help you
reach your goal.


Remember to drink
water throughout the day

Different drinks

Water, tea, coffee,
milk and many more


Keep track of your
progress every day

Water is life
on our planet

This is the basis of a healthy
lifestyle. Water gives us energy,
cleanses our bodies, and helps
feels good.

Calculate your own goal

Just enter your gender and your weight,
and our app will calculate the necessary
volume of water just for you.

Apple Watch support

Add the consumed drinks even
to Apple Watch! We've made this
application quick and convenient.

Different drinks and volumes

30 000 satisfied

like us

#1 in the "Fitness"
category in App Store

"My water" has a convenient interface and perfectly serves its purpose.
This is a very simple and helpful app. I use it extensively every day. I have started to drink more fluids and now I am feeling better.
A review on AppStore
The application knows about different drinks and takes them into account correctly.
I enjoy the reminders, such as these: "Do not forget a bottle of water!", "Be good - drink water", etc.))
A review on AppStore
Simple and convenient. Now I have more energy and feel as if I were "more alive" )
A review on AppStore
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