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Movement is life!

"Let's go" will help you walk
more and be more active.


Walk more and
lose weight with us

Your goal

The app will calculate
the goal for you


Keep track of your
progress every day

On way to a healthy body

Walking out of doors every day not
only benefits your body, it also
boosts your metabolism.
Lose weight and enjoy an active
lifestyle with our app.

Calculate your goal

Simply enter your gender, age, and
weight. "Let's go" will calculate
the precise number of steps
per day just for you.

Love walks

Our advice will help you to walk more, to be in good shape and to have a lot of positive emotions. Motion is life!

Keep track of your progress

and convenient design

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With this app, I have started to walk more. I check the stats often in order to see whether I have reached my goal :)
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There is a reason for people to say: "motion is life". As soon as I started walking, I have begun to feel better.
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Nice design and animation, I like this application, thanks!
A review on VK
This is a great idea; I will try to do more walking thanks to your advice.
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